Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Showbox? Isn't it a free movie app?

Our app (Showbox) is not for watching movies. It helps smartphone users get cash rewards while discovering apps. You get CASH-POINTS for downloading games and apps recommended by Showbox and you can use the CASH-POINTS to cash out via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Netflix Gift Card etc.

Kindly have a look at this video to find out more about Showbox:

2. We would like to promote our apps on Showbox. How do we seek out business partnerships with Showbox?

Please find the detailed information at We welcome any form of partnerships. We sincerely wish to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

3. How can I get more points in Showbox?

In Showbox, you can quickly earn more points in the following ways:

4. What should I do if I don't receive my Showbox points after finishing one offer?

Make sure that you have clicked on the offer in Showbox and did not download the app directly from the App Store. You must be redirected from Showbox to earn points.

Make sure you launch the app after installation. Some Apps may require additional requests before the points are sending out.

Please note it normally takes up to 30 mins for the points to be transferred to your account.

If you’re still unable to receive points after 30 mins, kindly go to Settings and click on Missing Points. You will see a record of points that you should get. Click the contact support button for your missing points. Fill in your detailed information and upload two screenshots for verification and click . Our staff will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

5. How can I cash out Showbox points? What are the options we can choose to redeem the points?

Check your Showbox App, on the top right corner of the home page there is the button. By clicking on the button you will see the redeem options.

There are four options for your benefit: Transfer to Paypal account, Redeem Amazon Gift Card, Redeem NETFLIX Gift Card and Top up mobile phone credit. Please be note you can only redeem NETFLIX Gift Card if you are in the US and the top up mobile phone credit is only for Singapore numbers. Please also note that there are minimum cash out numbers for each cash out options.

The fifth option Donate to Community Chest, is for charitable purpose. Showbox has worked together with Singapore Community Chest aiming to help the less fortunate. Your points redeemed this way will be donated directly to Singapore Community Chest. We greatly appreciate your kindness.

6. How is the cash-points rate calculated?

The rate for cash-points is SGD 1 = 1000 points (USD 1 = 1400 points). Showbox will launch a membership system soon, where higher level members may have a better exchange rate to redeem desired gifts.

7. How long do I have to wait to receive my rewards after submitting a redemption request?

You will get paid every week.

For cash out request, Showbox will transfer the money to your PayPal account/send out the gift cards/complete the transaction to topup your mobile phone balance by 23:59pm Singapore Time (UTC+8) on every Saturday. Please note that the cash out request has to be submitted before Thursday midnight Singapore Time. The cash out request submitted after that will be processed next week.

Please note that currently for NETFLIX Gift card redemption is only available for Showbox members based in the US; for topping up mobile phone credit is only available for Showbox members based in Singapore.

8. I have submitted requests for cash out, but have never received the payment. Why is this so?

Before proceeding with any cash out requests, Showbox will evaluate the points details of each user to determine whether there is any dishonest act.

During the evaluation and investigation, Showbox will put the payment on hold. If fraud is detected, Cash out funds will not be released, the respective Showbox account and referral code will be invalidated, and we will take legal action against the individual.

Showbox seeks to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships account users. Users shall not use any computer technology (including hacking or other unlawful way) to accumulate points.

9. Why is my Showbox account revoked? Can I get my account back?

If our risk team has confirmed that you have been trying to access Showbox in an inappropriate way, which includes but not limited to 1) use proxy/VPN to access Showbox; 2) use bluestack emulator to run Showbox; 3) educate other users on above 2 points, We’ll block your accounts.

You could try to apply another Showbox account, but please do not use any inappropriate ways to access Showbox.

Showbox seeks to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships account users. Users shall not use any computer technology (including hacking or other unlawful way) to accumulate points.

10. I want to use Showbox on my android tablet. Why is it not working?

Currently Showbox is only optimized for mobile phone. We might take note on this and try to improve our app in future.

11. I am an iPhone user but I still want to try Showbox, will you guys release an IOS app for iPhone?

Thank you for your support. At this moment, we only have Android version app. But our team is working on the ios version of Showbox. For sure we’ll release Showbox app soon. Please look forward that.

12. How do I unsubscribe Showbox? / How do I cancel my Showbox account?

If you want to unsubscribe or cancel your account from Showbox, please go link:

We have a very short survey and would appreciate your input: